Shawn Bright leads a team of O&P practitioners in Central Missour

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Our Practitioners

Experienced Orthotic and Prosthetic Professionals

At Mid-MO O&P, we hire only the best practitioners in the fields of orthotics and prosthetics who focus on the needs of our patients. These orthotic and prosthetic practitioners work one-on-one with each person to get to know what their goals are and them create and fit the patients with the orthotics and prosthetics that are right for their lives and goals. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you and we invite you to get to know more about the people of Mid-MO O&P in the biographies below.

      Tracy Ell, CP CPED

BS Truman College, Northwestern School of Medicine Prosthetic Program.  

Co-Founder of Mid-Mo O&P and Advanced O&P.

Tracy Brings 24 years of O&P experience to Mid-MO.  A former upper and Lower extremity expert for the State of Missouri Tracy brings that experience to Mid-MO patients.  Often providing lectures to the University School of Medicine Tracy enjoys providing professional education to the Medical field.


                                            Shawn Bright, CO, BOCO

A graduate of University of Missouri Columbia, Shawn started working in O&P in 1992.  Shawn brings over 24 years of O&P experience to Mid-MO O&P.  As a founding member of the company, Shawn takes special interest in making sure that Mid-MO O&P stays on the cutting edge with the best practitioners available.

Certificates; Cranial Remolding Specialist, Jobst, Swash, Oregon Orthotics, OttoBock Myoelectric, Camp, ABC Certified Orthotist, BOC Orthotist, Boston Scoliosis Management


          Mike Jackson, CO, BOCO

With over 13 years experience in Orthotics and Prosthetics in both pediatrics and adults, Mike brings a large wealth of knowledge and experience.   Mike commits himself to the highest level of patient care.  Certified in Star Band cranial molding, Scoliosis management, Lower Extremity pediatric bracing and more. Mike Jackson is the Chief Orthotist for Mid MO O and P overseeing all Orthotic Patient care for our facilities. 


         Shawn Malik, CPO Prosthetic Resident

Shawn is a American Board Certified Orthotist and Prosthetic . Shawn has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri and completed his post graduate certificates in Orthotics and Prosthetics at Northwestern University School of Medicine.

 Certificates: Cranial Remolding Specialist, Boston Scoliosis Management, Wilmington Scoliosis Braces, Walk Aid FES systems, Plie Microprocessor knee units,


               Chad Holliday, COF

Chad received his Bachelor degree from Columbia college where he played Basketball on scholarship.  Chad has 5 years experience fitting Orthotics at the University of Missouri Health Center and focuses on our athletes.


            Collin Steenbergen, CO

Collin Steenbergen is a BOC certified Orthotist and ABC Certified Prosthetic Assistant. Collin has practiced at Mid-MO O&P for 5 years helping both orthotic and prosthetic patient and enjoys the challenges of gait analysis and correction.  Collin specializes in pediatric cranial remolding and is the Chief Orthotist for the Cranial Molding Clinic at the University of Missouri.  Collin has a degree from Lincoln University and multiple certificates in biology, anatomy, and kinesiology. 


            Jesse Egbert, COF


    Dave Bright, CPA, Lead Prosthetic Tech

Nearly ten years of experience in Prosthetic fabrication, Dave produces the most amazing prosthetics.  Dave's creativity in the manufacturing process allows patients to create Prosthetics unique to their lifestyle. 


Drew Dotzler, BHS, MPO,CP

Drew received his undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri in Health Sciences in 2013 and his Master’s Degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics from Northwestern University in 2015.  Drew has over 15 years of personal experience in the field of prosthetics as an amputee. From his experiences, Drew has learned that every person has unique needs, and as such, he treats them with quality & individualized care.



       Rodney Wilkinson, CO OT

Rodney Wilkinson is an Certified Orthotist and Occupational Therapist and with over 20 years of combined experience. Rodney attended Northwestern University for Orthotics and Washington University in St. Louis for Occupational Therapy. Rodney specializes in pediatric care. 


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