Institue for Advanced Prosthetics and Myoelectrics

1101 Lakeview Ave Columbia, MO 65201   |   (573) 817-1782

1921 E. Terra Lane O'Fallon, MO 63366   |   (636) 385-6370

1811 Martin Springs Dr, STE C Rolla, MO 65401   |    (573) 364-8480


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Institute for Advanced Prosthetics

What can you expect after enrolling in our Advanced Prosthetic Program?

  1. First you are contacted by a customer service liaison.  This person will guide you through the entire process leaving you with little to do yourself. We will handle all of your scheduling from Flight, hotel, Therapist visits, Rehab doctor visits and more.
  2. We will coordinate your visit with the entire team.  All of the items mentioned including air and hotel stay are paid by your coordinator. Here is a typical scenario...

Sunday; Our patient flies into St. Louis Airport and picks up his/her rental car that is prepaid                    and waiting.  The patient will drive to the prepaid hotel room and check in.

Monday;  We will meet the patient first thing in the morning for orientation.  We will then go                      to our first team meeting to discuss all relevant Prosthetic issues.  This meeting                       will be with multiple Prosthetists, rehab doctors, therapists and others as                              needed.  We will go from there to our facility where we will cast and fit the first                         clear socket.  Our fabrication facility will work through the night to have your                         Prosthetic ready first thing Tuesday morning.

Tuesday;  The final fitting of the prosthesis is performed today.  The patient will meet with                         therapy and the prosthetist a couple times on this day to fine tune the alignment                    as the pt continues to were his/her device.

Wednesday; The patient will wear the device throughout the day with a final check over at                              the end of the afternoon to make sure everything is working perfectly                                   before heading home. 

Thursday;  Time to go home and enjoy your new Prosthesis.  We will stay in constant                              communication and will arrange a second visit if necessary. 



  • Mid-MO O&P

    • 1101 Lakeview Ave
    • Columbia, MO 65201
    • Phone: 573-817-1782
    • Fax: 573-449-7593
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  • Mid-MO O&P MOI

    • 1100 Virginia Ave Rm 2013
    • Columbia, MO 65201
    • Phone: (573) 884-4284
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  • Mid-MO O&P

    • One Hospital Dr, MC15
    • Columbia, MO 65201
    • Phone: (573) 882-6101
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  • Advanced O&P

    • 1921 E. Terra Lane
    • O'Fallon, MO 63366
    • Phone: (636) 385-6370
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  • Mid-MO O&P

    • 3559 Amazonas Dr
    • Jefferson City, MO 65109
    • Phone: (573) 636-9611
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  • Mid-Mo O&P

    • 1811 Martin Springs Dr, Suite C
    • Rolla, MO 65401
    • Phone: 573-364-8480
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