Limb loss experts in prosthetic & orthotic devices

1101 Lakeview Ave Columbia, MO 65201   |   (573) 817-1782

1921 E. Terra Lane O'Fallon, MO 63366   |   (636) 385-6370

1811 Martin Springs Dr, STE C Rolla, MO 65401   |    (573) 364-8480


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Welcome to HiTek Limb & Brace

Our Name is Changing! We will soon be HiTek Limb & Brace

Serving the Orthotic and Prosthetic needs of Advanced Users

Mid-MO O&P and HiTek Limb and Brace have been designing and fitting a full range of quality prosthetic and orthotic devices to patients since 2000. The practitioners at Mid-MO O&P and HiTek Limb and Brace are committed to using the latest technology and products to ensure that every patient receives the best fit that will result in the best results possible. 

Mid-MO O&P and  HiTek Limb and Brace are part of the Institute for Advanced Prosthetics or IAP.  At the IAP, we focus on patients that want to utilize myoelectric prosthetics and patients that have a had a history of difficult or unsuccessful prosthetic fittings.  Utilizing Myoelectric prosthetics requires highly specialized practitioners that are proficient in the fit and function of this type of prosthesis.  At the IAP we are exactly that.  We guarantee our prosthetics to perform the way you want. 

We offer:

  1. FREE Travel*
  2. FREE Hotel stay*
  3. FREE Transportation* 

We fabricate your prosthesis onsite and you can return home with your prosthesis in just a couple days. 

Our practitioners understand the prosthetic needs of people with limb loss and people who use orthotic braces. We work with each patient to ensure that the products and services they receive meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Whether it’s a leg brace, an i-Limb hand for upper body limb loss or a Rheo knee or Otto Bock C-leg for lower body limb loss; you can count on the orthotic and prosthetic professionals at Mid-MO O&P and .


DW Auto Home Mobility


*Patients must prequalify for our program

  • Mid-MO O&P

    • 1101 Lakeview Ave
    • Columbia, MO 65201
    • Phone: 573-817-1782
    • Fax: 573-449-7593
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  • Mid-MO O&P MOI

    • 1100 Virginia Ave Rm 2013
    • Columbia, MO 65201
    • Phone: (573) 884-4284
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  • Mid-MO O&P

    • One Hospital Dr, MC15
    • Columbia, MO 65201
    • Phone: (573) 882-6101
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  • Advanced O&P

    • 1921 E. Terra Lane
    • O'Fallon, MO 63366
    • Phone: (636) 385-6370
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  • Mid-MO O&P

    • 3559 Amazonas Dr
    • Jefferson City, MO 65109
    • Phone: (573) 636-9611
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  • Mid-Mo O&P

    • 1811 Martin Springs Dr, Suite C
    • Rolla, MO 65401
    • Phone: 573-364-8480
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